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"How are we going to respond, psychologically and socially, to a world in which we coexist with robots? Equally important, how will they respond to us?"

Meet renowned robotics expert and futurist Joanne Pransky, the World's First Robotic Psychiatrist ®, who brings Isaac Asimov's science fiction character - robopsychologist Susan Calvin - to life.

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Joanne has been working in the robotics industry for over 20 years, bridging the gap between the make-believe and the real, focusing on the evolving societal changes brought about by robots. As a Robotics Industry Ambassador, Joanne's mission is to facilitate the integration of robots into everyday life - helping people understand the emotional and psychological aspects of a technology that will have more of an impact on their lives than the automobile, PC, and the internet. Joanne has researched and lectured nationally and internationally on issues concerning the human/robot relationship since 1986, and has appeared on television and radio.

An accomplished professional, Joanne has consulted for some of the industry's top robotic and entertainment organizations including the Robotic Industries Association, Motoman Robotics, Staubli Robotics, KUKA Robotics, ST Robotics, DreamWorks, and Warner Bros. She also worked with The Jimmy Kimmel Live Show on a segment featuring the Xi'an Chinese Twin Android.

Joanne served as the senior sales and marketing executive for Sankyo Robotics, a world-leading manufacturer of industrial robot systems, including the ROBODOC® Surgical Assistant, a computer-controlled surgical robot utilized in hip and knee replacement surgeries. She has been the U.S. Associate Editor for Emerald, publisher of Industrial Robot, Assembly Automation, and Sensor Review since 1996. Joanne was the Director of Marketing and one of the principals of the world's first medical robotics journal, The International Journal of Medical Robotics and Computer Assisted Surgery, which was acquired by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. Her present role with the Journal is Managing Editor.

On the lighter side, Joanne was an official judge on the television-hit series of live robotic combat, "Comedy Central Sports Presents BattleBots" and was a judge for the First Robot/Human Arm Wrestling Competition. She has also appeared on CNN, The Tonight Show, the Discovery Channel, MSN.com, and the NTV Russian Broadcasting Channel. She is known for her humor and unique ability to generate enthusiasm for the future of robotics.

Dr. JoanneJoanne Pransky, who gave a keynote at the first International Conference on Human-Robot Personal Relationships via InTouch Technologies' RP-7 Remote Present Robot, is interviewed by a local European television station. (Note: Joanne is the one on the left.)

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