Robotics Edutainer

As technology increases exponentially, so will our interaction and relationship with robotic technology.

Dr. Joanne Pransky, the World’s First Robotic Psychiatrist®, is a robotics specialist who focuses on the reality of human-robot relations. The question on everyone’s mind is how humanity will respond, and Dr. Joanne amusingly asks the more pertinent question to get us to think about the future: How do the robots feel about all of this?

Acting as both a speaker and consultant Joanne’s humor and ability to create relatability between robots and humans is a powerful tool in bringing the general public around to the idea of collaborating with their new electronic counterparts. Much in the way wildlife expert Steve Irwin demystified some of the most dangerous and feared animals on the planet through his infectious enthusiasm, Joanne instills an understanding of a robot’s uses, while spurring people’s imaginations of possible future developments.

Watch how Joanne prepares humanity and robot-kind alike for a seamless integration of a new society.