Robotics Expert

Known throughout the industry as the World’s First Robotic Psychiatrist®, Dr. Joanne has been working to integrate robots into the greater human collective consciousness for decades. Her history in psychology, marketing, and robotic technology makes her uniquely positioned to help companies successfully demonstrate the ways their robots will change the world for the better.

Joanne has a proven track record of ‘World’s First’ accomplishments which include:

  • Pioneering the field of Robotic Psychiatry
  • Being dubbed by Isaac Asimov as the real Susan Calvin
  • Predicting that Robot Law would one day be the largest field of law
  • Selling industrial robots as the first female and non-engineer
  • Organizing one of the country’s first RoboCamps for children
  • Judging, as the first female, for BattleBots
  • Judging for the first human-robot armwrestling competition
  • Debuting an international robot on the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show
  • Obtaining BattleBots Inc.’s first corporate sponsor
  • Bringing to the big screen (in the film, Ender’s Game) real users of worldwide robotic exoskeletons/prosthetics and surgical robots systems not yet commercialized

Joanne works with organizations to help them uniquely position and successfully assimilate their newest robots into the public sector. She’s consulted for many major robotics and entertainment companies, including BattleBots, DreamWorks, KUKA Robotics, Motoman, Republic of South Africa, Robotics Industries Association, ST Robotics, Staubli Robotics, Summit Entertainment, Warner Bros and more. To see robots as you’ve never seen them before, visit Joanne’s YouTube channel. Contact Joanne as a robotics consultant to have your robots receive the attention they need and deserve!