Boosting My Brain?

Not long ago, I was blogging about a neural boost, not even knowing that the first Global Future 2045 Congress, was about to take place.  Of course, if I had read my 100s of Google Alerts (all contain a variation on topic of ‘robot’/‘robotics’), sitting in my Inbox, perhaps I would have known.  See, I just can’t keep up!  How do some of these people do it?  Are they like a speed scanner?  How much do they scan/read per day, that they remember?  Can you guess what I will say next – like Ray Kurzweil? (Yup, I have brain envy).

Not that I would have flown out to the Congress but I definitely would have sent a telepresence robot in my place.  And, I would have loved to have finally meet Geminoid, a patient I’m dying to have.