Got milk?

The other day, my 16 year-old daughter ‘who hates robots’ (because her mother loves them) came in to tell me her new idea – a smart refrigerator that would let us know when the inventory was low (because I’m the Food Police who is always after the family members to put an item on the list if they run out).

“Great idea”, I replied, and mentioned it was already being done – we just didn’t have one.  Then I added, “Same with our plates.  There are RFIDs available that I can attach to the plates so I know where they are.  I don’t want you to think that just cuz I don’t go in your room doesn’t mean I don’t know how many plates and dishes there are and exactly where they’re located.”

“Really?” she asked with in trepidation.  I admitted that while it sounded good in theory, that it was probably cheaper to get a 3D printer to make more plates.

But then, I added, “I still can’t believe that in 2013, dishwashers have not advanced that much in its loading and unloading system.  Not only is still manual, but I have to bend down to the rack as it can’t get raised and lowered to my position, where it would be easier for me to unload without having to bend over.”