Making Mr. (Robo) Right

Source: University of Texas Arlington

Source: University of Texas Arlington

I think the most advanced social robots in terms of both intelligence and physical features are Hanson’s RoboKind.  David Hanson is brilliantly creative, and I’ve been dying to have his robots (Zeno, Adam, etc.) as some of my patients.

Since reading this article – – all I can think of (naturally, as  a Robotic Psychiatrist), is how lonely Kirobo will be, and then it dawned on me – why not have Zeno as his companion?  Together, they can communicate to the astronauts, each other, and the world regarding their experiences.  (And, I would be Zeno’s doctor to make sure he’s emotionally OK).

Even if it’s only a 100% Japanese mission that doesn’t allow Zeno along, perhaps they would still allow Zeno to communicate from earth (Texas) to Kirobo, and translate for the US press.

This is like the real “Making Mr. Right”! (I love that movie!)