Human error

Both the crash of the Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 at San Francisco Airport, and the New York Metro North train crash were the both due to human error, (the first from lack of proper training and the latter a lack of attention, apparently from fatigue).

How can we NOT afford for our transportation systems NOT to rely on human judgment and decision making?

Human error accounts for 90% of all road accidents, resulting in an approximate 30,000-40,000 fatalities per year.  I hope that each day is one more day closer to autonomous vehicles on the road.  I have a 17-year old not driving yet, and a 91 year-old mother in Florida who drives in the most populated elderly city in the world (Boca Raton should be the pilot city to accommodate driverless cars.  It already appears as if the cars are driverless but in actuality it’s just very short old people nicknamed ‘Q Tips’ behind the wheel (I’m one to talk.)