robot-assisted 5k

I really could have used an exoskeleton or robot-assist device to run in the steep hills of the Kenwood 10K as well as the 6 mile Fireworks hike on Sugarloaf Mountain.

I can’t run the 10K and I barely walked it.  I was the last person (out of hundreds) to complete it.  2.5 hours and by the time I finished, the bananas, bagels, watermelon, and water were gone.  Forget-about-it – the Parade had started.

Between the heat and the difficult walk, the combined lack of sleep, stretching out, and food, I was not in good shape at the end. (That’s an understatement, though I fared better than last year when I was tripped running in the 3K).  I had to go home, forfeit my prepaid admission to the evening fireworks hike and wondered how long it will be before I could do both the 10K and the Fireworks hike via exoskeleton technology that did not put any stress on my body.