Robotics Consultant

With a combination of humor, psychology, and futurism, Joanne aims to help the general public understand that artificial intelligence and robotics are a certainty, and that increasing our current awareness of how these mechanical companions will influence our life is step one toward acceptance. With a background in sales and marketing in addition to her expertise in robotics and human development, she’s uniquely positioned to act as a robotics consultant and help companies introduce their newest technology to the public in an accessible and non-threatening way.

More than that, she concerns herself with the effect of humanity on robots. Being the “World’s First Robotic Psychiatrist,” began as a tongue-and-cheek nod to the way we’d begin to humanize our robot companions, causing them to adapt and display our own perceived emotions, neuroses, and more. As a robot expert, Joanne knows how to bring these characteristics out and show the public that these metallic (on the inside), customized (on the outside) companions can do much more than just sweep a floor.

To see Dr. Joanne in action, visit her YouTube channel to view her engaging with various patients. She’s worked with top robotic and entertainment organizations such as the Robotics Industries Association, Motoman, DreamWorks, Warner Bros, Summit Entertainment, KUKA Robotics, Staubli Robotics and more. Contact her as a robotics consultant to have your robots receive the attention they need and deserve!