Service Robots

In the not-too-distant future, service robots and robotic technologies will be as constant in our daily lives as smart phones. Just as the world today is dependent upon computers, it will soon become dependent upon our integral robotic partners.

Even today, the transformation of automated technology is occurring so fast that it barely even registers – driverless cars mastering city streets, mechanical coworkers helping customers locate inventory at the hardware store, drones assisting in flood rescues[SW1] … robotic technology is everywhere.

Robotic Technology Is Growing EverydayService Robots

This is our future; in our foreseeable lifetime. Dr. Joanne Pransky, the World’s First Robotic Psychiatrist®, is a robotic specialist who focuses on the reality of human-robot relations. As the technology increases exponentially, so will our interaction and relationship with robotic technology. The question on everyone’s mind is how humanity will respond, and in preparing humanity for the robot evolution (not revolution), Dr. Joanne humorously asks the more pertinent question to get us to think about the future: how do the robots feel about all of this?

Service robots are becoming increasingly common, from telepresence bots that allow people to move about a school or workplace from a remote location such as their home, to hospitality robots that can deliver towels to their hotel room. Human beings need to learn to live with these intelligent machines, but more importantly, our robot assistants will have to acclimate to living with us. Some of us can barely manage to be respectful to a human waiter, so how will we treat a robotic server? Since the 1980s, Joanne has seen the inevitability of this level of interfacing with robot technology, and she’s been working toward a way to use Asimov’s robopsychology to successfully prepare society to accept and embrace this transformation, while slowly introducing our robotic pals to the reality of the human condition.

Advice From The Worlds First Robotic Psychiatrist

There are bound to be some digital hiccups and twisted screws along the way, so Dr. Joanne is here to show the world exactly what our new electronic companions can do in order to ease the path to success for humanity and robot-kind alike. Let her shrink the metal dome of your latest bot (metaphorically speaking, of course) and introduce it to the world as a fully assimilated member of society. Watch some of her most recent interactions with service robots on her YouTube channel!