I was talking to an older gentleman while we both waited in line.  When I mentioned I was from Massachusetts, he told me he had served in the Navy in New Bedford, MA when he was younger.  We then started talking about New Bedford which led to a discussion of the true story about the gang rape portrayed in the 1988 movie, ‘The Accused.’

This led to a further conversation on the cover-up and politics in the ‘Whaling City’ (New Bedford) and then I mentioned that 25 years later, I could not believe how so many women in the military could be raped and how so many men could get away with this as ‘normal’ behavior.

Not to confuse violence with sex (I think all those guilty or even having knowledge of a rape crime should be convicted), but I also think that the military should make Sexbots available for our men at war, as some safe relief for their daily aggression and frustration.

Sexbots could satisfy a physical need and bring some temporary satisfaction to those serving difficult duties, be it in Afghanistan, Iraq, at sea, or anywhere where one may be isolated for a long period of time.  There would be no STDs or pregnancies.  Imagine the possibility of providing some pleasure and stress-reduction to those who risk their lives on a daily basis.