world’s first robotic psychiatrist

27 years ago!  On June 24, 1986, I publicly billed myself as the ‘World’s First Robotic Psychiatrist®’.

I always thought that ‘Robotic Psychiatry’ for my lifetime, would be informing and educating the masses in a humorous and entertaining manner while slowly readying them for the more serious issues and implications of a robotic society.  I also thought that someday Robotic Psychiatry (as Asimov envisioned it) would be a real field of study.  Perhaps this would occur when I was no longer alive (posthumously), but now I’m realizing that it will be within my lifetime (or at least post-Singularity).

Imagine that 27 years ago, the public thought I meant ‘aerobics’ when I said I was into ‘robotics’, and now people ask me where I got my degree in robotic psychiatry from!