artificial sex

Careful what you think, as it may extend to more than just your own brain.  (I’m certainly hoping that my robotic assistant will understand my thoughts even before I speak.  That way, I can Blog in my Brain and have a direct neural connection to the internet/rest of the world.)  Is this a good thing?  How can I control not sharing my personal thoughts at the same time?  Will there be a private mode before my thoughts go public and is there a way I can edit my thoughts before sharing?  Let’s say I’m blogging in my brain which is connected to the internet, about Ray Kurzweil who’s now forecasted accurately the next 1000 years (and has lived to tell it), and I can’t help but think, has he published a book on the our new (modified) brains and body?  Then, in one nanosecond, (about the same time it takes a mother to (negatively) think that something horrible has happened when she can’t be reached and it’s after midnight), I wonder if David Levy has published a new book on Artificial Sex, and don’t even ask where those thoughts lead to.  Apparently, there’ll be no need to ask because I would have already thought them and oops!  too late,  they’re now publicly documented.