My teenage daughter got an auxiliary cord for the car that allows her to play music directly from her iPhone directly through the car stereo and speakers.  She uses an app that downloads songs from the internet, either in real-time or from ones she’s already added to her list.  I actually like a lot of the music she listens to, though there’s those occasional rap lyrics that I don’t care much for, like Jeremih’s Birthday Sex.

Today I learned that a ‘remix’ is a digitized version of a song. What I said to my daughter was, “if I wanted to hear a robotic compilation of the song, I’d have brought my robot,”  so it could drive and sing while I listened. I was reminded of 1987, the first time I ‘unveiled’ myself as the World’s First Robotic Psychiatrist on the Larry Glick radio show on WBZ in Boston.  I rented a Wurlitzer synthesizer and wrote a script in which Robota, in exchange for my therapy sessions, served as my receptionist.  Robota answered the phone and asked Larry if he was a robot or a human.   When he responded that he had to check, Robota put him on hold while she brought me, the World’s First Robotic Psychiatrist on the phone.  Larry and I were on the phone for an hour – my very first media show.  He had me back on the next week, and I met him in person several years later.