Surgical Robotics

Surgical robotics is a fascinating and necessary sector of robot development. The very first robot-assisted surgeries took place in the 1980s, and surgical robotics continues to advance by leaps and bounds, at a nearly 11% compound annual growth rate. As we move deeper into the merging of robotics, virtual reality, and nanotechnology, surgery as we know it today will be a thing of the past. Even humanity itself is moving away from the biological and into the Surgical Roboticsbiotechnical – pacemakers, cochlear implants, robotic limbs, bionic eyes. It won’t be long until we’ll actually need robotic surgical consultants that specialize in our own specific robotic parts!

We must fully accept the reality that robotics are rapidly becoming part of our daily existence. Dr. Joanne Pransky is a world-renowned robot expert, known throughout the industry as the World’s First Robot Psychiatrist®, and she’s been working to integrate robots into the greater human collective consciousness for decades.

Robotic Speaker and Expert Dr. Joanne Pransky

Our future, one in which robotics will be as universal as computers are today, is very promising. Joanne relishes the opportunity to act as a robotic speaker and to help our mechanical companions to blend in to the world where they can better learn to interrelate with us. Her history in human development, marketing, and robotic technology makes her uniquely positioned to help companies successfully assimilate their newest robots into the public sector. Visit her YouTube channel to see videos of exactly how she works with and supports these new companions and workers, bringing them into the greater public eye!

The question Joanne continues to ask is how we can smooth this transition for our synthetic friends. Learning to navigate humanity can be challenging even for other humans, so having a robotic speaker who can help pave the road for robotkind goes a long way. Joanne works with surgical robotics, personal robots, service robots, and many more.